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Responsibilities / Policies


The positions of Mayor and Councillor are defined in the publication "Becoming a Councillor" - 2011 Interim Update, NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet.

What is the role of the mayor?

The mayor is often considered to be not only the voice of the council but also the leader of the local community. In addition to having responsibilities as a councillor, under the Local Government Act the role of the mayor is to:

What is the role of a councillor?

The Local Government Act divides the role of a councillor into two broad categories:

1) as a member of the governing body of the council to:
2) as an elected person to:


Independence is the key to making a change for the better.

With forty (40) years business management experience, thirty (30) years as a small and medium business owner, Greg Petty knows that infrastructure and solid economic analysis is critical to the financial growth and stability of our community.

Greg acknowledges that Neighbourhood Volunteers have been representing ratepayers and residents at Council since the sacking of Councilors in 2008. These people have shown that their commitment and integrity towards the betterment of their respective suburbs.

Greg states "I will actively work towards implementing and resourcing Precinct Committees so that residents have a direct contribution to where ratepayer money is spent". For this reason, Greg recently participated in the Community Reference Panel forums held by Council as part of the return to an elected Council.

Greg Petty is standing for Lord Mayor / Ward 1 Councillor and will embrace the principles of open and transparent decision-making, free of political influence.

As the Lord Mayor / Ward 1 Councillor Greg will work to ensure that: -

Wollongong Local Government Area

Ward 1


Greg's long business career and experience as a small and medium business owner coupled with his qualification as an accountant and company secretary in a comprehensive list of areas with an amenity for the environment affords him the ability to make clear and concise decisions based on facts. Greg Petty is committed to listening and he is resolved to find the most effective outcome that will provide a permanent solution to your issues, with an overarching responsibility to a commitment of integrity of office and transparency of decision making.

Greg says:

"I look forward to representing the whole community. At last residents in the Local Government Area have a candidate prepared to represent the community, small business and the environment with a commitment to full open transparency, honesty and altruistic goals. Through community consultation solutions can be found to any problem, we just need the desire in our Lord Mayor and Councillors.

Most importantly, I want to hear from you on issues concerning you".

Where to meet Greg
Thursday, August 11   12 noon to 2.00pm   Corrimal Town Centre and surrounding shops
Tuesday, August 9   11.00 to 1.00pm   Woonona Shopping strip and surrounding shops
Thursday, August 4   9-30am to 11-00am   Wollongong Small Business Complex
237 Berkeley Road, Unanderra
Tuesday, August 2   9-30am to 11-00am   The Kiosk, Stanwell Park

Watch the website for more locations during the election campaign.