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Wollongong City Councillor, Independent Greg Petty stands for election in Heathcote Electorate.

Today, Tuesday 17th February 2015, Helensburgh resident and businessman, Cr. Greg Petty has today announced he will stand as an independent candidate for Heathcote at the NSW State Election on 28th March 2015.

The Wollongong Councillor says: "This morning's revelations concerning yet another under the table gift to disgraced former Liberal Premier, the man who promised to bring New South Wales back from the abyss, speaks to the heart of what is wrong in state politics."

Mr. Petty says "A vote for the major parties is a vote for more of the same."

"With their leadership embroiled in corruption investigation after corruption investigation, the Liberal and Labor parties have brought New South Wales closer to the brink despite promising to make a clean start when the current Liberal Government swept to power."

"Back-flipping on hunting in national parks, pandering to the sectional interests of the Shooters & Fishers and Christian Democrats, pandering to calls for privatisation, squandering and short-changing the Illawarra of monies from the lease of Port Kembla, and committing to Coal Seam Gas drilling in the water catchment area - the message voters should be sending to the major parties is that enough is enough."

"Vote independent if you want to clean house," Mr. Petty says.

Mr. Petty says "I am particularly passionate and committed to protect the Illawarra and southern Sydney's water supply, and the Woronora Dam, from any CSG exploration and development."

Mr. Petty has "challenged the Liberal candidate to give an unequivocal guarantee that he will cross the floor if the Coalition supports CSG in any form - CSG is the significant issue for the Heathcote electorate".

Running as an Independent for the electorate of Heathcote for the second time, Mr. Petty says Heathcote needs a candidate that has shown integrity.

He says "Voters want their voice to be represented. They will no longer tolerate deals done behind closed doors by MPs with no life experience beyond the political party, by 'yes men' with no ideas beyond the party line."

Mr. Petty went on to says: "I look forward to representing the whole community, from Menai to Wombarra, Bundeena to Darkes Forest."

"I provide a real choice, a candidate prepared to represent the community, environment and small business with a commitment to be fully transparent and accessible while in office, to be honest, to speak my mind and to have goals to better the state uninhibited by political party influence. Having been a Wollongong Councillor since 2011, voters know what I stand for. They know what to expect. I won't pander to sectional interests and I'll always speak my mind."

"I'll do whatever I can to ensure the public has the facts. Together we can challenge the philosophy upheld by the state government that all the important decisions are 'commercial in confidence'. Public information should be made available to the public and not just those with commercial interests."

His policy issues include as a priority:

Mr. Petty has outlined a community preferenced capital works program for the electorate that includes the Bald Hill upgrade and roundabout, the tourism potential of Stanwell Park Otford Rail Tunnel, and F6 extension.

"As an accountant and company secretary, who operates a business in the Wollongong area, I have employed over 60 people in other business ventures, I understand what drives our local and State economy. I have owned and operated businesses successfully for almost 35 years", he said.

Importantly, in the light of recent party political funding corruption findings, Mr. Petty will avoid such traps by funding his own campaign and again not accept any donations.

In 2011, he stood at the same seat of Heathcote at the state election and later that year in a special election, was elected as an Independent Councillor to Wollongong City Council. Mr. Petty was supported in both campaigns by legendry corruption fighter and former member for the South Coast, John Hatton.

John Hatton has stated, "Greg has demonstrated commitment to his community, is a successful small businessman, and family man. He would make an excellent representative for Heathcote."

Hatton says Independents of high quality are desperately needed in parliament:

"Independents of integrity can force change, where the major parties can be relied on to perpetuate the existing dysfunctional system, no matter what their policies promise."

The people of Heathcote have a chance to send a strong message to all political parties that voters should not be taken for granted. Vote 1 Independent and then your party of choice.

Greg knows he is well suited to represent Heathcote voters as he has lived in Helensburgh with his family for over fourteen years and in the Sutherland Shire for 46 years.

"I expect a high disenfranchised vote against political parties and I am offering myself as that alternative voice of integrity."